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The dataweb for open information

Ceramic is a decentralized, censorship-resistant network for managing mutable information on the open internet without databases or servers.

Moving the world's data beyond the cloud.

The internet wasn’t built with a native data layer. HTTP database servers have centralized information and power amongst a few Big Tech institutions and resulted in a web of silos rather than a web of data.

From decentralized identity to censorship-resistant social media and cross-platform collaboration, many new use cases require a solution for managing dynamic data on the open internet, beyond the control of any single DB server.

By combining DIDs, IPFS, blockchain, and p2p networking, Ceramic provides a secure, collaborative, global network for managing user and app data beyond the cloud.

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Why Ceramic?


Quickly build apps on a worldwide graph of decentralized identities and shared data. Integrate our client, develop on your stack, and rethink what's possible.


Design your data model on a secure decentralized document graph. Ceramic allows you to model dynamic data on the open internet, where trust comes first.


Eliminate the need for managing complex infrastructure and operate at scale with a reliable, decentralized, horizontally-scalable network of p2p nodes.


The most powerful way to manage information on the open web.

Ceramic stores data in a graph of JSON-like documents on a public, permissionless network. Smart documents are the most general-purpose way to model and consume data, and also enable information to become programmable.

Rich JSON documents

Store data as JSON documents like a NoSQL DB
Set metadata such as owners and tags
Create separate documents for JSON schemas and include a reference to the schema inside your document. Schemas are automatically enforced by the protocol.

Programmable smart logic

Define custom rules for state transitions to enforce who, how, and when your document is updated without centralized servers. Rules can react to direct events such as a signature from the owner, or indirect events such as an update in another document.
Hooks can invoke external code or business logic

Linked content graph

Access a worldwide graph of linked information
Build relationships between Ceramic documents by referencing the DocID of other documents
Use Ceramic documents as a metadata, discovery, and routing layer for off-network data by publishing schemas, definitions, and endpoints

Strong security and verifiability

Mutable append-only logs of linked commits
Signed by the owner’s DID for verifiability
Anchored in a blockchain for strict ordering
Content backed up to a data warehouse
Immutable document identifiers, which never change regardless of how many updates are made to a doc

Flexible deployment options

Run Ceramic on a server or locally in-browser
Backup data to any decentralized storage network or cloud database
Timestamp document updates in any blockchain
Install plugins for node extensibility


Store your most critical data natively on the internet.

Decentralized identity network

Ceramic can be used as a flexible, cross-platform decentralized identity graph complete with DIDs, identity metadata such as profiles, linked crypto and social accounts, following lists, user data indexes, and much more.
Learn more about IDX

Data storage backend

Improve information security, ship faster, and eliminate the need to configure and run database servers for storing user and application data. Ceramic documents offer capabilities similar to your favorite NoSQL document store.

Trusted media and content publishing

From blog posts and social networks to media files, Ceramic provides a public infrastructure for publishing content where it can be discovered, authorship can be verified, and links never change.

Schema management

Create a single source of truth for schemas, dictionaries, and other shared definitions in a trusted public context where information can be discovered, versions can be managed, and no server is required.


Collaborate on a global scale.

Ceramic’s verifiable dataweb brings discoverability, integrity, and composability to the world’s information. Openly join the network to publish information and access a vast amount of data to use when building your product.
Global discoverability
Discover and access a world of information resources on one global network.
Single source of truth
Every document has a verifiable and publicly auditable state.
Horizontal scalability
Scale to meet the demands of the world’s data at low cost and high speed.
Decentralized network
Our network is completely censorship-resistant and free of middlemen.
Content composability
Reference and build on existing content in ways not possible with siloed servers.
Flexible identity
Transact using DIDs, the W3C standard for decentralized identity. DIDs work with all crypto wallets and keys.