Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Verifiable cloud with event and object store, well suited for AI use cases

Scalable decentralized storage and availability

Great storage is key to effective workload performance in all phases of the data pipeline, from training data ingestion to synthetic data storage. Ceramic provides decentralized storage with the ability to scale more economically and effectively than other decentralized solutions through a novel architecture built on both P2P and blockchain technologies.

Data authenticity and verifiability

Ceramic provides a decentralized cloud for next-gen agents, apps and networks that demand new levels of data transparency, trust, and liquidity. AI’s trust issues present a roadblock to general adoption and reliability. All data on Ceramic is verifiable, enabling the secure establishment of provenance, history, and timestamps with on-chain records, fingerprinting, and efficient consensus.

Reputation for models and agents

As models and agents gain wider adoption and autonomy, trust is important not just for underlying data, but in the performance of models themselves. Ceramic provides tools for building, and plentiful example implementations of, decentralized reputation systems that don’t rely on a single, trusted authority, but on the collective, verifiable sentiment of communities.

Transport vector embedding and training data

Efficiently transport embeddings between applications nodes with Ceramic’s verifiable data and node syncing protocol. Ceramic enables trusted forking, remixing, and other transport activities with native reputation and anti-tamper features.

Ceramic provides a decentralized cloud for next-gen agents, apps, and networks that demand new levels of data transparency, trust, and liquidity.


Decentralized data storage

Decentralizing events and data removes single-point-of-failure risk and prevents any one entity from imposing its own goals or constraints, allowing users to place significantly more trust in projects’ incentive alignments.


Accurate & trustworthy

Verifiable event data allows developers to build and assess models that both rely on and produce reliable and transparent results.


Purpose-built infrastructure

Data ledgers must offer strong verifiability and composability, but unlike asset ledgers, they don’t have to protect against double spend. This means they can scale to handle an exponentially greater number of data transactions than asset transactions, offering the perfect solution for the decentralized hosting of AI & ML data. Ceramic makes this possible.

Implementation Variations

Some development teams choose to save the signed payloads from attestations and verifiable credentials to Ceramic, while others leverage the native qualities of Ceramic to create verifiable claims.

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