Decentralized Science

Making scientific knowledge and contributions accessible to everyone while transforming the process of scientific research to become more transparent, distributed, and censorship-resistant.

Publicly Accessible

In traditional science, knowledge is gated behind journal paywalls and private databases. DeSci aims to make this data more accessible.

Efficient Peer Review

This movement uses distributed infrastructure to overhaul the arduous, inefficient, and exploitative academic peer-review process.

Improved Collaboration

DeSci builds on Web3 primitives that facilitate open communication, sharing of laboratory sources, and increased participation.

Verifiable Reputation

Participants can use non-transferable data assets tied to their digital wallet to prove expertise, secure funding, and more.

Ceramic offers native features designed to facilitate desci scientific research and collaboration


Open Data Network

Data on Ceramic is publicly accessible by any participant nodes in an entirely permissionless way, enabling important scientific findings to flow freely between collaborators.


IP Provenance

Scientific artifacts such as research papers, citations, and reviews are represented as Ceramic streams. Individual streams can only be altered by the originating author account once created, with each alteration (commit) being cryptographically signed by the user’s wallet.


Low-Cost Publishing, Effective Funding

Like all streams, publishing research assets to Ceramic incurs no cost to the user. Using SIWE, each stream is traceable back to the user’s blockchain wallet, making peer review incentives possible using on-chain assets such as NFTs and tokens.


Reputation Infrastructure

Our community chooses Ceramic as a key component in the reputation stack for its commit immutability, signed data, transparent lineage, and more, proving to be an ideal fit for verifiable reputation across DeSci participants.

Assertion Variations

Teams can choose to save the signed payloads from attestations and verifiable credentials to Ceramic, or simply leverage the native qualities of Ceramic to create verifiable claims.

DeSci Teams Building on Ceramic

Building the Future of Science Together

DeSci Labs uses ComposeDB on Ceramic to represent research studies, user-to-user attestations, and user-to-research attestations, and more.

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Designing a Better, AI-Native, Decentralized Future

Coordination.Network (initiated by uses ComposeDB on Ceramic to map out project configurations, authors, and other research data.

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Social Communication Tooling for the DeSci Community

BanklessDeSci builds a community hub template and related tooling designed for decentralized science teams, and uses Orbis (built on Ceramic) to allow users to create posts, comments, trust attestations, and more.

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Engines to Promote Decentralized Discovery and Contribution

Index Network helps users build contextual discovery engines (or citation clusters) which can be fed as context into LLMs for insight extraction, overlaps or differences in research methodologies, among other valuable takeaways for scientific communities.

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Reimagining the Future of Work

Cambrian Protocol integrates Web3 components and AI into a unified platform to revolutionize work by unlocking new forms of human coordination, an important mission relevant to the credible decentralization of scientific research and discovery. Cambrian uses Ceramic for user identity data, such as profiles.

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